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The Curse of Monkey Island ( Monkey Island 3 )

Box Cover

Produced by LucasArts

Guybrush Threepwood, Pirate!


Game Description:

The Curse of Monkey Island was published in November, 1997. The modern SVGA graphics, combined with perfect sound, the speech engine and the new navigation system, make CMI one of the best Adventures Games ever produced (press: 92% "Gamestar" Award). Ron Gilbert, the producer of parts 1 and 2, left the crew of LucasArts to found "Cavedog". So the new "fathers" of Guybrush are Jonathan Ackley (Day of Tentacle, Full Throttle) and Larry Ahern (MI2, DOTT, Full Throttle).

The above mentioned navigation system can be explained in this way: When you scroll with the mouse over an item, the cursor turns red. Then when you click the left mouse button a circle with three icons on it appears: a Hand (for TAKE or USE), a Skull (for LOOK), and a Parrot Head (for TALK TO, EAT, or DRINK). When you click the right mouse button a Chest appears: the Inventory (similar to Sam'n'Max). CMI includes a "Light-Version" just as it's predecessor did. It also has some Arcade Sequences (for example the discharging of a cannon on a pirate ship). A love song for Guybrush and Elaine was planned, but it didn't wind up on either of the two CDs.

THE STORY: Guybrush Threepwood sails to the port of Plunder Island, where there is a fight going on between the fortress on the Island and LeChuck's pirate ship. LeChuck sees Guybrush floating in the water and fishes him out. He makes Guybrush his prisoner, along with Wally, who wants to be a villain. But Guybrush is able to defeat Wally with only a few words. After their escape, Guybrush steals a cursed ring which he puts on Elaine's finger as an engagement ring. As the curse begins to take effect, Elaine is transformed into a golden statue. And if that wasn't bad enough, the statue is stolen. Guybrush has to find and save Elaine, put a new ring on her hand worth the same amount of money and, at the same time, avoid LeChuck, who is after Guybrush and Elaine once again. There is a big showdown on Monkey Island later. 

Result? Monkey Island 3 combines, like no other adventure, Caribbean sounds, excellent cartoon graphics, a lot of gameplay, a great story, and delightful dialogue. But, above all, the game is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95 / 98

Pentium 60 MHz


4X CD ROM Drive

SVGA Graphics Card

16 Bit Sound Card

Keyboard, Mouse

DirectX (included)


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