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Welcome to my



Here you will find the very best Reviews, original Screenshots, and Links for the greatest Adventure Games that I have played.  I summarize the games, give hints and tricks, and report on my own experiences while playing.

Furthermore you can find a   Discussion Room here!

It`s about topics like: "Are Adventure Games in danger of dying out?"


So, come on: Let´s talk about the best games in the world!



First of all, here are two very hot links to magnificient websites about the newest MYST Adventure Games.


Myst 3: Exile
Myst 3: Exile


For the latest wonderful Screenshots of Myst 3: Exile, click on the picture above. For Screenshots of Real Myst, click on the picture below. 


Real Myst
Real Myst


If you click on the  White House  from "Zork" that moves below, you will go to other pages with Reviews, Screenshots and Interesting Links about each Adventure Game.

This is Banja , when you click on her picture you can play a funny online adventure . Juist try it and have fun , she is really so sweet !


Leo's Great Day - An Adventure GameIn order to play Leo's Great Day you need the Flash Player by Macromedia. It is a short and sweet game, but also a clever game. In order to play this game change your browser to full screen.



       New Reviews of MONKEY ISLAND 1


and MONKEY ISLAND 3 are out now

( just click on the
green game titles above )



This English version of my Homepage is still under construction. I am planning to add a page with dates for new releases.


Also I am planning to add a new background like the one that is on my German Homepage. I'd be very happy to consider any suggestions that you may have for my website.


Moe Perry´s E mail adress is :


In closing, I want to say Thank You to all of the people who helped me with this translation. Thank you very much for all of your good suggestions and help.

Special Thanks to Mr. Bill, who proofread and corrected the entire English version of Adventure Games Forever.

Mr. Bill also has a website devoted to Adventure Games. Click below to visit his website.

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