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Dracula Resurrection

Box Cover

Coproduced by Index, France Telecom Multimedia and Canal+ Multimedia
Published by DreamCatcher Interactive


Game Description:

This is a well made game based on a legend that has both fascinated and frightened people for centuries. Dracula is back and his revenge is terrible!

London, 1904. Seven years after Dracula was defeated and destroyed, Jonathan Harker discovers that his wife has left their home in London, under cover of darkness, to travel to Transylvania to Dracula's castle. Everything indicates that Mina is once again under the power of her lord and master.

So begins the story of Dracula Resurrection and it melds seamlessly with Bram Stoker's classic. If you remember, the young employee of a law firm, Jonathan Harker, traveled to Transylvania to take care of the affairs of Lord Dracula. Dracula wanted to buy a plot of land in London but the situation quickly degenerated into a daily battle of life and death, and it was only in the nick of time that Jonathan was able to save himself and his fiancée, Mina, from Dracula's control and kill him.

Now, as Jonathan Harker, the player must begin the second round of his fight against that Evil in order to save Mina, once again, from the Undead. And he has only 30 days to find her or she'll fall under Dracula's influence forever.

The game begins at the Borgo Pass near Dracula's castle with a flashback to the previous events. But from there you must solve puzzles and have conversations to discover the way to rescue Mina, and then make decisions about what to do or where to go in order to accomplish that goal. As in Myst, Riven, and other games of this nature, the interface is easy to use with an inventory for collected items and, if an item from the inventory can be used, the cursor changes to the appropriate icon.

The graphics in Dracula Resurrection are breathtaking! All of the people and the surroundings are designed in 3D and everything is very detailed. With the addition of a great soundtrack, it effectively places the player in a mystical world of horror, where the frontiers of the real fade away. There's nothing that feels weirder than standing alone in a cemetery on a dark night and hearing the whistle of the wind and the creaking of signs in the background.

The game is on 2 CDs, and it requires only a small amount of hard drive space. It is actually designed for the novice adventure gamer, very linear without the frustration of too many possibilities or too difficult puzzles. The advanced player and, of course, the professional, will really fly through the game and will quickly lose any interest in replay. But, apart from the relatively low difficulty level, Dracula is able to fascinate because of the ingenious combination of great graphics and sound.


Game Features:


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95 / 98

Pentium 166 MHz


4X CD ROM Drive

Windows Compatible Sound Card

Windows Compatible Graphics Card

Keyboard, Mouse


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