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Christmas for young and old :

Hello !
     I asked Santa to send you  present - and even he is wired these days!
 Merry Christmas





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Today I found some more wunderfull and magnificant christmas pages, that can bring some christmas atmospheare in your heart. The following links are all leading to pages with magic christmas flair, sit back and enjoy:




And now imagine what is happend with the  present , that Santa just sent out through his window ? 
It has end up  ( land ) on this webpage  and because soon  itīs Christmas Eve here is a little gift for you  all  
 an christmas   adventure .  
 It is very funny to play and gives you much of joy . If you want to help Santa Claus to find his boots and his bag , then click on the picture below and you come to a webpage where you can download  the :

Santa's Secret Valley Game


 Now I all wish you a happy and peacefull christmas eve and many luck  

and health for the new year

from Moe Perry 
 I wish you also deep from my heart  a very nice  and  warm  
christmas season
Also i will say a very warm Thank You for all your visits
to my english version from Adventure Games Forever
and i hope you come back even in the new year .

And  here  comes  a speciall , full version from " Sleigh Ride " ,  
performed from C3PO and  R2-D2 , the both lovley robots from the  
Star Wars movie .   
 Just copy the next link into a new browser window  and the you can hear
that chirstmas wave ( 400 Kb )
Some more delicious christmas waves , for example  
Jingle Bell rock and even MIDI Christmas songs , you can listen to , if you click on the left Juke Box , 
and if you click on the right Juke Box then comes a webpage   
with classical midi files  for christmas :

JUKEBOX                                                          JUKEBOX                                                                           

Christmas waves                                                        Christmas midis                                                               


 Here are two funny christmas adventure games  

 ( plus a little bit jump and run in both games )

   If you click on the above picture you come to                          If you click on the above picture you come  the download the page from                               to the download page from
         Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition ( 1.0 MB )                             Sint Nicolaas (182 Kb)
                                       And now a nice christmas card is coming to you :                                                      


At the end from this christmas page  here are some links to speciall christmas web pages  for you all : 

    When you click on the christmas tree then opens a site with wunderfull chirstmas sets for sending via email or only for looking and with background music  

The homepage from the original Santa Claus where you can send him an personal email : 

Hey , whatīs up with your guests ? What does the Grinch think about ? I donīt know what funny things he will do this christmas , if you will discover what he is thinking about  :  then click on the Grinch picture and have some fun :




 A familar and personal privat webpage with a lot of christmas downloads , games ,  christmas cards and christmas wallpapers is here :

 And now itīs : 

  " Best of the Best " time

Many christmas links from all over the world with banner button previews where you even can stay more then only some minutes :

 Very warm , heartfull and in high quality  Christmas MIDI Files  :



Stocking Mega Christmas Pages

A lot of pages all about christmas with screensavers , greeting crads , music and some games :

The " best " 50 christmas web pages you can get if you click on the last little banner button on this page   :


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Now take a little time for some funny and sweet christmas graphics for laughing and smiling , have fun with looking at them !