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Chritsmas Game List and Christmas Music




On this page i will show you a link to a special Christmas Game Link List and some good and warm Chritsmas Music , before that : here is famous person who will make a friendly and happy greeting to you


But now letīs start with the link to the speciall Chritmas Game Link List . The games are all short games also good for playing in between and some of them are for kids also . When you click on the next christmas ball you come to this link list and you can choose from over 40 games


On Christmas Eve i will present you a link to a real Christmas adventure , but i will not betray anything more . Juist have a nice surprise on Chritsmas eve and come back to this page on that day !





At the end of this page i will give away my favorite chritsmas song to you : it is Jingel Bells which i liked also very much as a child because it is so full of energy and swinging . To hear it click on the next link

More then 20 different versions from Jingel Bells you can hear if you click on one of the little jukeboxses and then on the next site which comes scroll down to the buttom " Chritsmas Charols " and click on it


JUKEBOX                                               JUKEBOX

Moe Perry , thatīs me :-) :-) wish you all a very nice , warm and peacefull chritsmas season

And please donīt forget : Long live the adventure game !





So let us meet back again here on this page at christmas eve to see and play that speciall chritsmas adventure game . I hope you will be there !