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Atlantis 2 (or Beyond Atlantis)

European Box Cover   Produced by Cryo Interactive Entertainment


Game Description

In Atlantis II (also sold as Beyond Atlantis) Cryo presents us with a game that really spurs the imagination! With literally thousands of beautiful graphics on 4 CDs, it will enthuse the player again and again.

It is a story which takes place in many different locations (Tibet, Ireland, China, and the Yucatan) and the constantly changing scenery brings variety to the game.

The Background To The Story

Because of a form of power (represented in Atlantis by the Cube) that had been offered to them by beings from outer space, the Atlantean civilization had experienced very rapid development. But then one day the people divided the power of the Cube into two parts: the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. Both sides found supporters quickly and soon there was a war. At the end of this war the powers of Darkness were defeated and captured within a metal Head, and the people of the Light resolved to make sure that the two parts, Light and Darkness, were kept separate from then on. However some of the people (nicknamed the "Anti-Head" group) disagreed with this decision, and it caused a split among the people. So whereas the majority of the population decided to live on the island of Atlantis, the "Anti-Head" group preferred to move in a different direction: after a stopover in Muria to restore the Light half to the Cube, they eventually settled down in Shambhala.

Centuries later, on Atlantis, Creon did something unthinkable. He opened the head and freed the Power of Darkness. So Atlantis I was the story of how Seth (the leader of the Power of Light faction) took the Light within himself and vanquished the Power of Darkness once again.

Seth passed the Power of the Light to his descendants, who became travelers and vagabonds, always searching for something they could not name, having forgotten the missing half, the Darkness. And the people of Shambhala became the guardians of the Darkness. This is the situation as the story in Atlantis II begins.

Interactive dialogues are started by clicking on a character, at which time OMNI-3D freezes and the choice of dialogue is controlled by the cursor. Subjects that you've already talked about are shown in gray but may be chosen again if desired. The characters become more talkative (with more subjects available) as the game progresses, so be sure to come back and talk to them again later.


Game Features:


Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium 200 MHz

Windows 95 / 98


8X CD ROM Drive

70 MB Free Hard Drive Space

2 MB Video Card Supporting 65,000 Colors

Compatible SoundBlaster Sound Card

Compatible with DirectX 6



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