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Adventure Game Websites

Jeanne's Great Game Links Links to sites containing: Walkthroughs, Cheats, Game Manufacturers, Online Magazines, Places To Buy and Sell Games and much more!
Adventure Games Coalition Only the very best Adventure Game Websites are listed here! Find all of the help that you need from many different sites in this one place. Includes an Index of Reviews and Walkthroughs.
Adventure Collective Reviews, Previews, Articles, Interviews, News, Hints and Walkthroughs. Specializes in covering only adventure games which have sequels.
Adventure Gamer Reviews, Previews, Articles, Interviews, News, Hints and Walkthroughs. Very nice site.
Universal Hint System Great Hint System where you get just as much of a hint as you need, nothing more.
Just Adventure + Reviews, Previews, Articles, Interviews, News, Hints and Walkthroughs. A favorite.
Frobozz Electric Website #50809 All about one of the most famous Adventure Game Series of all time: ZORK!  It began in 1980 from Infocom and the most recent game was in 1997 from Activision.
Mr. Bill's Adventureland Reviews and Previews (including Children's Software), Walkthroughs and Hints. Also Places to Buy Games and a Message Board for your questions. Another favorite!
PDD's Adventure Page Specializes in the history of Interactive Fiction (early adventure games, primarily text adventures) with many links to related sites
The Spoiler Centre Specializes in providing Walkthroughs. Also a Message Board for questions.
The Adventurer's Guild!!! Reviews, Patches, Walkthroughs, Demos, Easter Eggs and More
Games Domain Reviews, Previews, Walkthroughs, Patches and other downloads.
Linda Shaw's Adventure Games Homepage Walkthroughs, Reviews, Message Boards and More
Colossal Cave Adventure Page This website is all about the very first Adventure Game ever made for the computer!
GameBoomers Message Boards especially for Adventure Gamers. Also Walkthroughs and Tech Help (to help get your game running if you have problems).
Quandary Computer Game Reviews Previews and Reviews
Adventureland A very complete listing of all Adventure Games ever produced, including date, developer, etc. Also provides links to other sites.
Adventure Games Hall Of Fame Reviews, Screenshots, Walkthroughs and More