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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Box Cover

Produced by LucasArts

Booty Island


Game Description:


Guybrush Threepwood, Pirate?I thought I had defeated the ghost pirate once and for all. Wrong! How often can that fat pirate die? The other pirates say that I lost. If LeChuck wants you dead, you're dead. But legends say that the treasure of "Big Whoop" has magic power... I have to find it before LeChuck finds me. (Adapted from the memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: "My years on Monkey Island")

Dancing Monkeys

Guybrush has defeated LeChuck and has become a pirate. Now he searches for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop that apparently has magic power. But unfortunately he makes a critical mistake: he gives LeChuck's beard to his former right-hand man. With it he can call LeChuck back to life (well, in point of fact, LeChuck already is an Undead Ghost, or Zombie, or whatever you call it) and LeChuck immediately starts to search for Guybrush. Guybrush has to put together a map of the Island where you can find Big Whoop and the parts of the map are scattered all over the Caribbean. Just when he has succeeded he is captured by LeChuck. But he is able to escape and just happens to land on Dinky Island: the island where the Big Whoop is hidden. And LeChuck waits for him there.

Dancing Monkeys

Although the graphics are not that much better than in The Secret of Monkey Island, LeChuck's Revenge has nevertheless been improved in some ways: navigation has been improved, more music added and it has two skill levels. And it is just as funny and original as MI1, maybe even more so. It's just a shame that the game doesn't have a Happy Ending.


Minimum System Requirements:

286 10 MHz

VGA / MCGA (256 Colors)

640 K RAM

SoundBlaster or Compatible

1.44 MB 3.5 Inch Disk Drive or CD ROM Drive

Hard Drive

Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick


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