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The Secret of Monkey Island ( Monkey Island 1 )

Box Cover

Produced by LucasArts

Guybrush Threepwood, A Wannabe Pirate


Game Description:


On Meele Island, the adventures of the young Guybrush Threepwood begin. Guybrush wants to be a pirate and so talks to some pirates in the Scumm Bar on Meele Island about it. Three very "important" pirates say that the unsuspecting Threepwood must prove himself by completing some dangerous tasks: the 3 Trials. First of all Threepwood must conquer fencing. He gets a sword, practices with an experienced master and, because of a trader, is able to find his way to the Swordmaster of Meele Island. On the way he collects some cool insults and so is finally able to defeat the Swordmaster, Carla, after a very hard battle. Proudly, and with proof in his hand, our hero tries to complete the second trial: what it means to find a treasure. With a shovel from the trader he looks for the mysterious "X" on Meele Island. He finds the place somewhere in the woods and acquires the next piece of proof. The last trial consists of stealing the legendary Idol from the house of Governor Marley. But Fester Shinetop, police chief of Meele Island, catches him in the act. He throws Guybrush, tied to the Idol, into the ocean and goes back to Marley's house. Because Guybrush is in good physical condition he survives, but then he notices a ghost ship on the horizon which disappears quickly.

Shinetop turns out to be the Ghost Pirate, LeChuck, and he has kidnapped Governor Marley. Guybrush goes after them with a big ship that he buys and the three bravest pirates on the island. 


Guybrush Threepwood and his really lazy crew set out for Monkey Island. Our hero knows that this ship once sailed to Monkey Island and came back. So he reads the log book of the ship and finds a map, where it states that you can cook your way to the Island. He takes a lot of stuff that he finds on the ship and puts it all into a pot with hot water. Suddenly there is a loud bang and strange smoke spreads all over the ship. After Guybrush is awake again, he realizes that he is now at the beach of Monkey Island. Using a pot for a helmet, he shoots himself as a human cannonball painfully onto the island.


Our hero quickly discovers some important places on Monkey Island and collects a lot of things to help him on his journey. There seems to be a village of cannibals, but you can only get there by boat because it's on the other side of the island. He has to blow up a dam in order to get a rope. He meets Herman Toothrot, the survivor of a sunken ship, and with his help finds two oars. He rows the boat to the cannibal village and they take him prisoner, but he has enough bananas to stave off hunger. Finally Guybrush escapes and helps Herman to get his banana picker back. His reward is a key to the Monkey Head that lies on the other side of the Island. There he picks up a small Idol which he gives to the cannibals. They give him a strange-looking navigator and a hint: to steal a Voodoo Root from the ship of the Ghost Pirate LeChuck. So he goes to the ghost ship and succeeds in stealing the root with the help of an invisibility necklace. He brings the root back to the cannibals and when he returns to the ghost ship he realizes that it's on it's way back to Meele Island. LeChuck has decided to marry Marley.


Guybrush Threepwood quickly goes to Meele Island armed with Root Beer. There he defeats all of LeChuck's guards and runs into the church where LeChuck and Marley are. He makes the evil pirate so angry that LeChuck beats up on him all over the whole island until finally Guybrush uses his weapon: he pours Root Beer over LeChuck! The happy ending shows Guybrush and Marley enjoying the fireworks of the finale.


Minimum System Requirements:

286 10 MHz

640 K RAM

VGA / MCGA (256 Colors)

1.44 MB 3.5 inch Disk Drive or CD ROM Drive

PC Speakers (SoundBlaster or Adlib Recommended)

Hard Drive

Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick


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