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The Feeble Files

Box Cover

Produced by Adventure Soft

A Very Freightened Feeble


Game Description:


Anybody who wants to save the universe needs a lot of time and patience. And you need to be a hero. Feeble isn't a hero but, despite that fact, the fat little green alien has to solve many mysteries and difficult problems.

Somewhere in the universe there is the so-called Omnibrain. This supreme ruler wants to give a happy life to all of the citizens. But that has a price. Everyone who does not praise it's omniscience will be worked on. Of course you could call that dictatorship too. Feeble works for the Ministry for Galactic Insecurity: Crop Circle Division. He has once again created a tumult by doing his own Crop Circle designs on a recent visit to Earth, and by destroying an observatory on his return. Some of his superiors don't find that funny.

It is at this point that the player takes over. The mysteries and puzzles that Feeble has to solve are ambitious and complicated and you must have a lot of patience (to get the secretary to let you see her chief is just one example). Among other things you have to denounce the pilot of a Space Transporter, end a love affair, and gulp some chemicals. And it isn't long before Feeble begins to have doubts about the kindness of his ruler and makes contact with a group of rebels. 

On 4 CDs, The Feeble Files is a visually attractive point-and-click adventure with detailed and remarkable video sequences interspersed throughout. The game is fun, one reason being because both sides of all conversations can be heard instead of seeing one side in print on the screen. And, with the addition of happy robots and a lot of irony, it has variety. However, the conversations, videos and animations do take a lot of time and not all of the sequences can be stopped by use of the right mouse button. That can be very frustrating, as when Feeble is strolling across the screen, but real adventure fans shouldn't be frightened by this.

So that you do not bungle your quest irretrievably, it is advisable to save your game regularly because you do have to react quickly with the mouse from time to time. And you do have to accustom yourself to the way the game handles, because it is not always clear which cursor you have to use to interact with an item. 

Published in heftig 09/1997


Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium 90 MHz

Win 95 / 98


4X CD ROM Drive

DirectX Compatible SVGA Graphics Card

100% SoundBlaster Compatible Soundcard

Minimum 25 MB Free Hard Drive Space

Mouse, Keyboard


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