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Discworld 2

European Box Cover    Produced by Perfect Entertainment
                             Published by Psygnosis

Rincewind The Wizard and Luggage


Game Description



Ankh-Morpork is the Pearl among the cities of the Discworld. Of course there are richer and nicer cities, but none can lay claim to the famous smell of Ankh-Morpork. Imagine a mixture of garlic, old Gorgonzola cheese, athlete's foot and rotten teeth. Add to this mixture some socks that you haven't washed for several months and you come close to how it smells here. But the citizens are very proud of that: there are worse places to live and besides, no one has ever wanted to invade the Ankh-Morpork!

PatriarchThe nominal ruler over all of this beauty is the Patriarch (a wise, fair, and relaxed man) but, in reality, life here is determined by the Guilds.

Arch Chancellor One of the mightiest guilds in Ankh-Morpork is the Guild of the Magicians. It is headed by the Arch Chancellor. But he didn't get to that position because he is the best. Because magicians normally live such a very long time, he is only where he is today because he killed the right magician at the right time and succeeded in staying alive himself long enough to achieve his present position. And he can't afford to rest on his laurels because he knows that the bulk of every magician's life consists of eating, smoking and considering the best way to remove his superior.

LibrarianOf course there is a lot of magic here on the campus of Unseen University, especially in the library. The library itself is a fantastic thing: it is, as almost everything is at Unseen University, bigger on the inside than on the outside (a useful bend of time and space) and also is the home of L-Space (a physical impossibility). In addition there is grave danger because of all the spells contained in the books. Despite the fact that the Librarian knew about all of this danger, he now must live his life as an Orangutan due to a magical "accident". But he asserts that it doesn't really annoy him because life is so much easier this way: you only have to think about where your next banana is coming from. Nothing else matters.

Imp There are other equally fascinating organizations which play an important role here in Ankh-Morpork and in such a world, where insanity rules, there is room for lots of strange creatures. Besides humans, there are Trolls (if you keep them deep frozen they are astonishingly is the heat of the city that makes them appear so dumb and slow), Imps (recently they've been earning their money in the movie business), the ill-tempered Dwarves and, of course, the Dragons.

Yes everything was normal here in Ankh-Morpork, Pearl city of the Discworld, floating through space on the strong back of the turtle, Great A'Tuin. And then, one day, Death disappeared. Now it's up to Rincewind (incompetent wizard and highly-trained coward) and his companion, Luggage, to find Death and bring him back before the bodies pile up any higher.


Minimum System Requirements:

486 DX4 100 MHz

8 MB RAM for MS DOS version 6.0

16 MB RAM for Windows 95

2X CD ROM Drive

SVGA Graphics Capability

Sound Card & Amplified Speakers

Keyboard, Mouse


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