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Broken Sword 2

Box Cover

  Produced by
Revolution Software
  Published by Virgin Interactive

NicoGeorge Stobbart


Game Description:

In Broken Sword 2, our reluctant detective, George, and his girlfriend, Nico, experience many new adventures. Some of the dialogues are perhaps a bit too long, but the game does contain some ambitious puzzles to solve. That made it a very enjoyable game for me and I never got bored. One example was when Nico had to combine so many elements to solve a Mayan puzzle. Another was when George lost his way in a maze in the forest, and it was only after a long search that I found his way out.

And the game is even quite funny in places. In my opinion, one scene was especially funny: George tries to get into the cottage of a guard. When he is almost in, the guard (who likes to eat a lot of beans) does something very "stinky", and George is so shocked that he falls back out of the cottage!  After many tries I was finally able to figure out how to get him inside (there is a little trick to it, which I won't tell you...try it yourself). The game is on 2 CDs and is a lot of fun.


Game Features:


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95 / NT

Pentium 60 MHz


4X CD ROM Drive

66 MB Free Hard Drive Space

1 MB DirectDraw Compatible Video Card

Direct Sound Compatible Sound Card

Keyboard, Mouse


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