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Box Cover   Coproduced by Casterman and Microids


Game Description

An expedition, a mythical paradise world, a mission ... what else does an Adventure Fan need? With attractive graphics, easy game-handling and complicated puzzles, you'll slip quickly and comfortably into the world of Amerzone.

The year is 1932 when a young scientist, Alexandre Valenbois, does something which no scientist before him has ever done: On a mission to explore the Flora and Fauna of Amerzone (a region at the edge of civilization) for the local scientific museum which finances his expeditions, he meets a tribe of natives near a volcano where the "White Birds" also live. The tribe takes care of these very rare birds and has a mysterious ritual devoted to their preservation.

But he makes a serious mistake there. Purely because of his ambition and egotism, he takes one of the birds' eggs in order to achieve fame and respect back home. But when he arrives back in Europe he is ostracized as being a swindler. People say that the egg is just an ostrich egg and that he is just conceited. His important discovery isn't appreciated. Five decades later the now very old man wants to correct his mistake and take the egg back (it is still an egg) to it's original place. He plans another expedition to Amerzone, but the man who financed his expedition before remembers the disgrace and refuses to give him any money. Furthermore Alexandre is now very weak and no longer able to travel.

The game begins here, with you, the player, as a reporter who is interested in Amerzone. You visit the scientist and learn about his important task.

In "Amerzone" the player moves around freely within a 3D world. He observes the world from the first person perspective. The graphics are excellent: except for the background, all objects, people and animals are 3D. There is soft music. Maneuvering is quite easy: you just need the mouse. With the left mouse button the player moves through the countryside, if unfortunately only along certain paths. He can also take objects and use them and communicate with other people. The right mouse key activates the inventory and all of the items which the player carries can be found there, but the number of these items is limited.

In typical Adventure Game fashion, Amerzone concentrates on the solution of puzzles which, when solved, take you a little bit closer to the conclusion. For example: At the very beginning of the game an iron door blocks your passage. In another room there is a computer with a disk. To put the disk in the drive isn't a real problem. But the damned thing is protected by a password. After much going to and fro despairingly searching for a clue, it finally occurred to me what people usually use as a password: the name of their dog, their birthdays etc. After leafing through the pages of the diary I finally saw the combination. So then I could move one step closer to the mysterious ending of the game.

Amerzone is a game for all who like to solve logical puzzles and who appreciate a slower unthreatened pace in a game. The only disadvantage is that you can't stop the film sequences. A few people have had some difficulty with installation.


Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium 166 MHz

Windows 95 / 98


3 MB Free Hard Drive Space

8X CD ROM Drive


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